MOBIDOCK GPS Vehicle Tracking System


MOBIDOCK GPS vehicle tracking systems for all vehicles cars, buses, trucks, vessels, bikes, etc,.

Real Time Tracking:Track Vehicle from Android mobile application or from your desktop/laptop any time with akari gps tracker for car with app
History:Track Old Month History route, Total KM, Route Detail on Google Map, smart way to monitor vehicles

Installation Support: Manual is given along with the product, which contains all help for installation. contact details also given on manual
One Year App and Website Licence Included

We will provide GPS with msg data pack Airtel/Voda/BSNL/IDEA, by providing required documents byt the customer,  track your vehicle using mobile application.

Support track the real time address by Google link – Support GPS – Main Power Off Alarm(with built battery only) – Support single location – support over Speed Alarm – support Low Power Alar – Waterproof – with ACC to detect ignition
Build-in GPS Vehicles locator, Waterproof

Support 4-frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz which can Work worldwide
Main Power Off Alarm , Support single location , Support over Speed Alarm , Support Low Power Alarm

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MOBIDOCK offers GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for corporate enterprises, government and educational institutions. We lay great emphasis on quality to manufacture our products and delivers best service.   Focuses on AI powered IoT based innovative mobile business solutions targeting Industrial, Agricultural & Home automation, Offers high security devices & GPS vehicle tracking applications with a new level of control over their vehicles & drivers which enhance security,  Our GPS Vehicle Tracking system provides in depth analysis & reporting to enhance security.

Track vehicle speed & average speed, Voice monitoring, Temparature, AC on/Off, Power status, Ignition on/off , movement detection,  parking time, fuel status etc,.


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