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Automation with IoT,   will address IoT services & solutions to targer specific industry and domastic needs...

GPS Vehicle Tracking for cars,trucks, bikes etc,.

Optimized business resluts through modern analysis & digitalization ...

MOBIDOCK® one-stop solution provider for innovative mobile business applications, key service offerings, and enterprise mobile analytics.  We proud to introduce latest range of IoT based automation, GPS vehicle tracking systems to address large corporate enterprises, government and educational institutions. We lay great emphasis on quality to manufacture our products and delivers best service.   Focuses on AI powered IoT based innovative mobile business solutions targeting Industrial, Agricultural & Home automation, Offers high security devices & GPS vehicle tracking applications with a new level of control,  our GPS Vehicle Tracking system provides in depth analysis & reporting tools., Provides automation using innovative mobile applications, mainly focuses on AI powered IoT based applications, Offers security devices & GPS vehicle tracking applications, includes hardware and Software Development, Customizable product designs & development.  We provide integrated business & technology applications to our customers across India, add value to customers with our Innovative Technology services & versatile product standards 

Our early initiation started with manufacturing smart mobile docking tools & developing applications, committed to innovate & optimize business results through modern analysis & digitalization.  Our mission is to provide wide range of IoT solutions,   focusing industrial and automotive / transport needs, manufacturing IoT devices for specific industry and home automation, MOBIDOCK products and services portfolio focuses mainly on cost-effective automation solutions. Experienced in Electronics & Information Technology, expertly steer our customers through their digital journey, enabling the enterprises with an AI powered IoT that helps in automation & cost optimizations. Empower the businesses with IoT based automations at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance. Building and transferring technical skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovation ecosystem. 

Offers wide range of products - Mobile docking, Mobile GPS Vehicle tracking applications for Government & private business entities, enabling Security systems with AI features, customized Automation solutions based on IoT devices.  



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Managing Partner,    MOBIDOCK®



MOBIDOCK GPS Vehicle Tracking System

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